9 December 2019

Hong Kong

China Tuduh Pimpinan HAM PBB Ikut Campur Kerusuhan di Hong Kong

Konfrontasi - China menuduh Ketua Komisioner Tinggi HAM PBB Michelle Bachelet melakukan campur tangan tidak pantas dalam urusan kerusuhan di Hong Kong. Tuduhan itu muncul setelah Bachelet menyerukan penyelidikan atas dugaan penggunaan kekerasan berlebihan oleh polisi di Hong Kong.

Misi China untuk PBB di Jenewa menyatakan, Bachelet menulis dalam tajuk opini di harian South China Morning Post yang menyebut tindakan polisi Hong Kong salah dan melanggar tujuan dan prinsip Piagam Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa.

Protester emerges to urge Hong Kong police not to enter university

KONFRONTASI-Hong Kong police said they would enter Polytechnic University on Thursday after a two-week siege drove most protesters out, but just before midnight, a masked man emerged and asked them to halt their plan.

Security teams from the university had scoured the maze of buildings at the campus, a focal point in recent weeks of the citywide protests that first erupted in June, finding no one.

Yet the protester, who appeared in a black mask, said about 20 people were still hiding. “If the police retreat, we would leave,” he told reporters.

Earlier in the day, District Commander Ho Yun-sing said police planned to enter the campus to “process dangerous items and collect evidence” and that any remaining protesters would be given medical treatment.

The university on Kowloon peninsula was turned into a battleground in mid-November, when protesters barricaded themselves in and clashed with riot police in a hail of petrol bombs, water cannon and tear gas. About 1,100 people were arrested last week, some while trying to escape.

Riot police sealed off the campus, setting up high plastic barricades and a fence on the perimeter.

The Polytechnic University campus was the last of five that protesters had occupied to use as bases from which to disrupt the city, blocking the nearby Cross-Harbour Tunnel linking Kowloon to Hong Kong Island and other arteries.

The protesters had blocked the tunnel’s mouth, smashed toll booths, lit fires and cemented bricks to the road, but it was reopened early on Wednesday, and Hong Kong television showed a steady flow of vehicles passing through.

Demonstrators are angry at what they see as Beijing’s meddling in the freedoms promised to the former British colony when it returned to Chinese rule in 1997.

China denies interfering and says it is committed to the “one country, two systems” formula put in place at that time.

Dukungan Trump untuk Demonstran Hong Kong BIkin China Murka

KONFRONTASI-Presiden Amerika Serikat (AS) Donald John Trump menandatangani rancangan undang-undang (RUU) Kongres dan Senat yang mendukung para demonstran anti-pemerintah di Hong Kong. Tindakan Trump membuat pemerintah China marah, di mana Beijing bersumpah akan mengambil tindakan pembalasan terhadap Washington.

Keputusan Trump itu mengejutkan karena dia saat ini sedang mencari kesepakatan dengan Beijing untuk mengakhiri perang dagang yang mengguncang dunia.

Hongkong Berduka, Ribuan Orang Doakan Mahasiswa Hong Kong yang Tewas

KONFRONTASI -   Ribuan warga Hong Kong turun ke jalanan untuk menggelar doa bersama bagi mahasiswa yang tewas dalam bentrokan dengan polisi saat unjuk rasa antipemerintah. Kematian sang mahasiswa dikhawatirkan akan memicu gelombang kemarahan baru dari demonstran.

Seperti dilansir AFP, Sabtu (9/11/2019), kronologi kejadian yang memicu kematian mahasiswa bernama Alex Chow (22) itu masih belum jelas dan dipersoalkan banyak pihak. Laporan menyebut dia terjatuh dari gedung parkir bertingkat dalam bentrokan antara demonstran dan polisi yang pecah pekan lalu.

Trump: Jika Bukan Karena Saya, Hong Kong Akan Dilenyapkan Dalam 14 Menit

Konfrontasi - Presiden AS Donald Trump mengatakan bahwa dirinya telah menyelamatkan Hong Kong dari kehancuran. Ia mengklaim telah membujuk Presiden China Xi Jinping menunda pengiriman pasukan untuk menghancurkan gerakan pro-demokrasi.

"Jika bukan karena saya, Hong Kong akan dilenyapkan dalam 14 menit," kata Donald Trump dalam wawancara awal dengan Fox News seperti dikutip Sabtu (23/11/2019).

Mantan Pegawai Konsulat Inggris Mengaku Disiksa Polisi China

KONFRONTASI-Mantan pegawai konsulat Inggris di Hong Kong mengaku polisi rahasia China telah memukulinya, melarangnya untuk tidur dan mengikatnya saat mereka memburu informasi tentang pegiat yang memimpin aksi protes pro-demokrasi, menurut laporan Wall Street Journal.

Simon Cheng, warga negara Hong Kong yang bekerja untuk tim pengembangan bisnis konsulat Inggris saat ia ditahan mengatakan kepada WSJ bahwa ia berulang kali ditanyai soal peran para interogatornya yang diduga Inggris bermain dalam menyulut kerusuhan.

China's PLA soldiers on Hong Kong streets in 'voluntary' clean-up

KONFRONTASI-Soldiers belonging to China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) have briefly left their barracks to help Hong Kong residents clean up debris left over from anti-government demonstrations in a rare and highly symbolic troop movement unsolicited by the city's embattled government.

Saturday's action saw scores of soldiers from the garrison sporting crewcuts and identical gym kits conduct a lightning-quick removal of bricks and debris near their base, the AFP news agency reported.

Confirming the brief deployment on Weibo, China's Twitter-like social media platform, the PLA said it acted to open a debris-strewn road outside their Kowloon Tong barracks to traffic, winning "applause from residents" in the process.

A city spokesman meanwhile said the Hong Kong government did not request assistance from the PLA, which has previously stayed confined to its garrison during months of protests, but the military initiated the operation as a "voluntary community activity".

The presence of PLA troops on Hong Kong's streets could stoke further controversy over the Chinese-ruled territory's semi-autonomous status.

Demosisto, a pro-democracy organisation, said Saturday's clean-up operation could set a "grave precedent" if the city's government invites the military to deal with internal problems, the Reuters news agency reported.

The developments followed some of the worst violence seen during more than five months of anti-government demonstrations after a police operation against protesters at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on Tuesday.

The authorities have since largely stayed away from at least five university campuses that had been barricaded by thousands of students and activists who stockpiled petrol bombs, catapults, bows and arrows and other weapons.

Many protesters appeared to have left the campuses by late Saturday, though some remained behind to man barricades. Hong Kong's Cross-Harbour Tunnel was still blocked by protesters occupying Polytechnic University.

Demonstran Banjiri Jalanan, Hong Kong Lumpuh

KONFRONTASI-Demonstrasi anti-pemerintah Hong Kong melumpuhkan sebagian pusat keuangan Asia tersebut. Sekolah, jaringan transportasi dan bisnis ditutup. Pada Rabu (13/11), sekitar 1.000 pengunjuk rasa memblokir jalan di pusat kota Hong Kong selama jam makan siang.

Clashes erupted at the Chinese University of Hong Kong - BBC News

KONFRONTASI -   Hong Kong's rule of law has been pushed to the "brink of total collapse" after more than five months of protests, police have warned. The warning came a day after the territory saw a marked escalation in violence, with police shooting one activist in the torso. A pro-Beijing supporter was later set on fire by anti-government protesters. Protesters continued to clash with police on Tuesday in the central business district and at universities.

Three critically injured in Hong Kong’s weekend of violence amid calls in China for ‘tougher’ stance

KONFRONTASI - Officials in Hong Kong say three people have been left critically injured during yet another weekend of violent clashes between protesters and police, which prompted calls in mainland China for a “tougher” stance to end months of chaos in the Asian financial hub.

The anti-government protests that hit Hong Kong’s streets for the 22nd consecutive weekend wounded a total of 30 people, out of whom three people were in critical condition and two others in serious condition, according to Hong Kong’s Hospital Authority.