19 November 2019


Maju Mundur Brexit Bikin Pusing Produsen Peta

KONFRONTASI-Mesin cetak milik perusahaan AEDIS di Desa Lempdes, Clermont-Ferrand, Prancis, tak lagi bekerja keras seperti dulu. Barang itu tak lagi memuntahkan ratusan lembar peta perjalanan. Waktu istirahat. Hitung-hitung mesin dan pegawainya tak bekerja keras bagai kuda.

Ini bukan kisah industri kertas yang tergeser platform digital. Perusahaan dengan 12 pegawai di pabrik percetakan peta dan buku panduan itu bukan tertekan karena industri yang lesu. Rilisan mereka masih laku di rest area pada jalan-jalan tol sepanjang Eropa.

EU leaders agree to Brexit extension until October 31

KONFRONTASI-Leaders of the 27 countries remaining in the European Union and British Prime Minister Theresa May have agreed to extend Brexit until October 31.

At an emergency meeting in Brussels, that went on for more than six hours on Wednesday, the EU leaders agreed to offer May a six-month extension that was accepted by the British PM.

"EU27/UK have agreed a flexible extension until 31 October. This means additional six months for the UK to find the best possible solution," European Council President Donald Tusk's text read.

Brexit Belum Kelar, Inggris Terpaksa Ikut Pemilu Eropa

KONFRONTASI-Perdana Menteri Theresa May kembali meminta perpanjangan hingga 30 Juni. Permintaan yang sudah pernah ditolak Uni Eropa itu datang dengan satu tambahan. Bahwa Inggris bersedia ikut serta dalam pemilihan parlemen Uni Eropa pada 23 Mei mendatang.

May terpaksa banting setir. Beberapa minggu lalu, dia mengatakan bahwa Inggris seharusnya tak ikut dalam pemilu Eropa. Sebab, hal itu hanya akan menjadikan perwakilan Inggris sebagai mayat hidup di lembaga tersebut.

Tunda Brexit, Poundsterling Inggris Melemah

Konfrontasi - Mata uang poundsterling melemah pada perdagangan akhir pekan karena keraguan pasar terhadap rencana Perdana Menteri Inggris Theresa May untuk melakukan penundaan Brexit.

Pada penutupan perdagangan Jumat (5/4/2019) waktu setempat, poundsterling (GBP) turun 0,3 persen atau 0,0039 poin menjadi 1,3038 per dolar AS. Dalam waktu yang sama indeks dolar AS naik 0,087 poin atau 0,09 persen menjadi 97,395.

Labour's Corbyn says Theresa May has not moved enough on Brexit

KONFRONTASI-Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Wednesday that Prime Minister Theresa May had not moved far enough in a first round of crisis talks aimed at breaking the domestic deadlock over Britain’s exit from the European Union.

The United Kingdom was supposed to leave the EU last Friday but, nearly three years after it voted by 52 percent to 48 for Brexit in a referendum, it is still unclear how, when or even whether it will quit the bloc it joined in 1973.

After her EU withdrawal deal was rejected three times by lawmakers, the Conservative prime minister invited Corbyn, a veteran socialist, to talks in parliament to try to plot a way out of the crisis.

“There hasn’t been as much change as I expected,” Corbyn, 69, said. “The meeting was useful but inconclusive.”

Asked if May had accepted his preference for a post-Brexit customs union with the EU, he said: “We did have a discussion about all of that.”

Corbyn is under pressure from some in his party not to agree a Brexit deal without ensuring that it can be confirmed or rejected in a new referendum that also offers the option to stay in the EU. He himself has said such a vote should be restricted to specific circumstances.

“I said: ‘Look, this is a policy of our party that we would want to pursue the option of a public vote to prevent crashing out or prevent leaving on a bad deal,’” he said. “There was no agreement reached on that.”


A Downing Street spokesman said the meeting, which lasted an hour and 40 minutes, had been “constructive, with both sides showing flexibility and a commitment to bring the current Brexit uncertainty to a close”.

“We have agreed a program of work to ensure we deliver for the British people, protecting jobs and security,” he added.

May’s overture to Corbyn, whose party has 245 out of 650 lawmakers, offers a possible way for her to secure a majority for an exit deal as she seeks a second short delay to Brexit.

But some in the Labour Party have cast her gambit as a trap aimed at scaring her own lawmakers into backing her thrice-defeated deal, or as a way to extend responsibility for the difficulties of Brexit to the Labour Party.

May said on Tuesday she would seek “as short as possible” a delay to the current Brexit date of April 12, having repeatedly said she did not want Britain to have to take part in European Parliament elections on May 23.

But European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in Brussels that Britain would not get any further short delays unless its parliament ratified a deal by April 12 - the date set by EU leaders as the effective cut-off for avoiding the European Parliament elections.

To secure a longer extension, the leaders have told May that she must present a credible way forward, and also sign up to those elections, something she is adamantly opposed to.

If the talks with Labour fail, May will put different Brexit options for the future relationship to a vote in parliament, in the hope of finding a plan viable enough to present in Brussels.

Theresa May to seek further Brexit delay

KONFRONTASI-The United Kingdom will seek a further delay to the process of leaving the European Union to expire once parliament agrees on a deal, Theresa May announced on Tuesday.

The British Prime Minister spoke to reporters following a marathon seven-hour cabinet meeting to try and find a solution to the political impasse over Brexit.

"We will need a further extension of Article 50, one that is as short as possible and which ends when we pass a deal. And we need to be clear what such an extension is for, to ensure we leave in a timely and orderly way," May said in a televised statement.

The UK is set to leave European bloc on April 12 without a deal, unless the government can agree an extension with EU leaders.

May said that, while she believed a no-deal scenario could be made a success of in the long run, it would be better to leave the EU with a deal in place and in order to do this, she would seek an extension.

She said that any plan would need to involve passing her withdrawal agreement, which has so far failed three times to pass through parliament.

May also offered to sit down with opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to find a deal both parties could agree on.

"Today I am taking action to break the logjam. I am offering to sit down with the leader of the opposition and to try to agree a plan that we would both stick to ensure that we leave the European Union and that we do so with a deal," she said.

If the two can agree on a deal, it will be voted on by MPs before a European Council summit scheduled for April 10.

May has said that should she and Corbyn not be able to reach an agreement, she would allow MPs to vote to say which way they would like the Brexit negotiations to continue. May pledged to respect the will of parliament should such a vote occur.

Taking back control?

May's announcement came after a cross-party group of 12 MPs, led by Labour's Yvette Cooper, said they will try to pass a law that would force May to seek a delay to Brexit in order to prevent a potentially chaotic no-deal exit on April 12.

Al Jazeera's Paul Brennan, reporting from outside 10 Downing Street, May's official residence, said that with Tuesday's announcement, May has taken back control of the Brexit process.

"You could say that she [May] has almost jumped before she was pushed because the MPs were adamant that they were going to put this motion in front of the parliament on Wednesday in order to seize control again and essentially compel the prime minister to go back to Brussels and ask for an extension. What she's done by announcing this is to seize back control of the process," he said.

The other 27 EU member states must agree to any further delay to the Brexit negotiating period and have said that the UK would need to provide a suitable reason for such a delay.

Parlemen Inggris Kembali Gagal Sepakati Alternatif Brexit

KONFRONTASI -  Parlemen Inggris kembali gagal mencapai kesepakatan mayoritas terkait rencana alternatif Brexit sehingga menimbulkan ketidakjelasan sebelum negara itu memisahkan diri dari Uni Eropa dalam batas waktu dua pekan.

Uni eropa (UE) telah menetapkan batas waktu 12 April bagi Inggris untuk menyetujui persyaratan pemisahan diri seperti yang diajukan Perdana Menteri Theresa May. Kalau tidak harus ada alternatif kalau tidak ingin rencana itu gagal.

Theresa May Berpeluang Cerah di Brexit, Bursa Eropa Bangkit

KONFRONTASI -   Bursa Eropa berhasil mematahkan rangkaian pelemahannya pada perdagangan Selasa (26/3/2019), didorong saham layanan kesehatan serta indikasi bahwa kesepakatan Perdana Menteri (PM) Inggris Theresa May soal Brexit berpeluang memperoleh dukungan.

Berdasarkan data Reuters, indeks saham Stoxx 600 Eropa ditutup menguat 0,8%, setelah tertekan di zona merah selama empat hari perdagangan beruntun sebelumnya.

Tolak Brexit, 1 Juta Warga Inggris Tuntut Referendum Kedua

Konfrontasi - Setidaknya 1 juta warga Inggris anti Brexit turun ke jalan dalam aksi protes bersama dengan beberapa politisi terkemuka di pusat kota London, Inggris, Sabtu (23/3/2019) waktu setempat.

Mereka menuntut diadakannya referendum kedua terkait rencana Inggris untuk melepaskan diri dari Uni Eropa (UE).

Brexit delayed? PM May requests three-month extension, EU pushes back

KONFRONTASI-Prime Minister Theresa May asked for a three-month delay to Brexit on Wednesday to buy time to get her twice-rejected divorce deal though parliament, but the request faced immediate resistance from the European Commission.

May said Britain remained committed to leaving the European Union “in an orderly manner” and she wanted to postpone Britain’s departure to June 30.

But a European Commission document seen by Reuters said the delay should either be several weeks shorter, to avoid a clash with European elections in May, or extend at least until the end of the year, which would oblige Britain to take part in the elections.

The pound fell sharply as May requested her extension.

Nearly three years after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union and nine days before the formal exit deadline, British politicians are still arguing over how, when or even if the world’s fifth largest economy should leave the bloc it first joined in 1973.

When May set the March 29 exit date two years ago by serving the formal Article 50 divorce papers, she declared there would be “no turning back” but parliament’s refusal to ratify the withdrawal deal she agreed with the EU has thrust her government into crisis.

Now May has written to European Council President Donald Tusk to ask for a delay.

“As prime minister I am not prepared to delay Brexit any further than the 30th of June,” May told a rowdy session of parliament.

“I have therefore this morning written to President Tusk, the president of the European Council, informing him that the UK seeks an extension to the Article 50 period until the 30th June,” she said.

She said she planned to ask parliament to vote a third time on her departure deal, which lawmakers have already voted down twice. She didn’t say when the vote would happen.

But May did say delaying Brexit did not rule out the possibility that Britain could leave without a deal.

The opposition Labour Party said by choosing a short delay May was forcing British lawmakers to decide between accepting a deal they have already rejected or leaving without a deal.

Pro-Brexit members of May’s Conservative Party are opposed to a longer delay because they fear it could mean Brexit might never happen.