7 December 2019

US uses North Korea to put pressure on China: Analyst

KONFRONTASI - A political commentator has suggested that the United States is trying to put pressure on China through making allegations against North Korea.

In an interview with Press TV on Tuesday, Eric Draitser, the founder of StopImperialism.com, said, “North Korea is an issue” for Washington.

“North Korea is one way that the United States is able to turn up the pressure on China,” Draitser added.

President Barack Obama blames Pyongyang for a cyberattack on the US-based Sony Pictures Entertainment company that took place in November.

Obama said Washington will “respond proportionately” to the cyberattack that reportedly exposed Hollywood secrets, destroyed Sony company data and revealed personal information about its employees.

“There is an obvious embarrassment for Washington; there is an obvious embarrassment for Sony,” Draitser said.

The US is looking quite obviously to put the blame and responsibility away from itself, he added.

The US alleges that Pyongyang targeted Sony to halt the release of the studio’s recent movie, “The Interview,” which depicts the fictional assassination of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un.

Pyongyang has repeatedly denied the accusations and called for a joint investigation with the US on the issue.

Washington, however, dismissed Pyongyang’s offer and called for an international response into the cyberattack.

Washington called on the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand to organize an international response to the hack.[ptv]



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