24 February 2020

Mount Raung erupts in Indonesia

KONFRONTASI - A volcano has erupted in Indonesia’s East Java Province, releasing smoke and ash into the air and raising concerns among locals.

On Monday, the alert for Mount Raung was raised by Indonesian officials to one notch below the highest; however, no evacuation order was issued, the National Geological Agency chief said.

“Residents have been told to remain calm and avoid activities within a 3-kilometer (1.8-mile) radius from the crater,” said Surono, who, like many Indonesians, uses only one name.

People living in the surrounding areas said they were ready to evacuate if necessary, however.

“We are worried after [we] saw fire sparks last night,” resident Nuriamah told Metro TV.

Last year, the 3,332-meter (10,931-foot) volcano had another eruption; but, it did not cause any human casualties.

Indonesia has some 130 active volcanoes. The country lies on the major tectonic fault lines known as the Ring of Fire between the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Since early June, Mount Sinabung in North Sumatra Province has been spewing scorching ash and gas, forcing more than 10,000 people to flee nearby villages.

A huge eruption at Sinabung killed 16 people last year and damaged the region’s infrastructure, as well as farming and tourism industry.[ptv]



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