20 August 2019

Indonesia Capable to Build World Class Motorcycle

KONFRONTASI-Industry Minister Saleh Husin says Indonesia has what it takes to build world-class motorcycle as evidenced by PT Suzuki Indo Mobil (SIM), which secures overseas markets for its latest home built scooter, called Suzuki Address.

"The success of PT Suzuki Indo Mobile (SIM) scooter export to Europe and other export destinations will further increase the confidence of international markets against automotive products made ??in the country," says Saleh Husin in Bekasi, West Java, on Friday (2/27).

He says that the opportunity for automotive export should continue to be followed up. Therefore, the policy of national automotive industry development, which is still domestically oriented, needs to be adjusted.

"Therefore, the strategy of development of the automotive industry in the future should be redirected. In addition to meeting the needs of the domestic market, Indonesian products must be export oriented so that our products will get recognition in global markets," says Minister of Industry.

Saleh also hopes that other motorcycle manufacturers may follow Suzuki Indo Mobile's lead in opening up exports to reduce the trade deficit in the automotive industry sector as a whole.

President director of PT SIM Shuji Oishi says the inaugural export gives strong message that the Indonesian production can be accepted in global market that is known for its strict rules on vehicle safety and environmental preservation.

Shuji explains that the exports of Suzuki Address is targeted to secure an initial volume of about 20,000 units per year and will increase to 200,000 units per year by 2019.

The 110cc scooter are exported to European countries such as England, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and the countries of the Asia-Oceania such as Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand.[mr/skl]



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