29 February 2020

How to Become a Six Sigma Certification Ninja with PrepAway Exam Dumps?

The Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a set of techniques first introduced in the '80s by Motorolla. Today these techniques are heavily used in the manufacturing industry to identify and eliminate defects in products. These strategies play an immense role in producing good quality products with a high consistency thus reducing losses, increasing customer satisfaction, cost and cycle time reduction, and reducing pollution. All manufacturing industries that involve mass production of components need this expertise to become efficient as a company. This is why a team with the right credentials and proper training in Six Sigma is highly sought after by companies worldwide.

Who needs Six Sigma?

Any manufacturing organization needs to implement one form of quality management strategy or another to ensure success, and Six Sigma stands tall among other techniques such as 5S, Lean Management, etc. Being fluent in Six Sigma is especially important for professionals at various levels in the hierarchy of the organization. Some of the key positions that require this knowledge include:

CEO's - The CEO and other top members of the management must have an idea on Six Sigma to facilitate the production team with the right resources and provide freedom to implement necessary change to the systems to improve.

Project Managers - Project management is a field that is growing at an immense pace. The impact that project managers can bring to the table lies in how much knowledge, experience, toolset, and skills that he/she has. One such strategical tool and skill that is heavily used today is Six Sigma which allows managers to come up with efficient and highly predictable processes for their organization.

Individuals involved in manufacturing and process designing teams. A professional skilled in utilizing Six Sigma will be able to implement quality processes and products by identifying and eliminating defects and/or errors effectively.


Why get Six Sigma certified?

Six Sigma is believed to be one of the best tools and data-driven methodologies for quality manufacturing of products and services worldwide.

  • Some of the biggest organizations such as Amazon, Ford, the US Army and Marines, Boeing, GEICO, etc. claim to have successfully implemented the Six Sigma strategy. Undergoing an accredited training program and getting your Six Sigma skills validated through certification could lead to a rewarding career at one of the renowned organizations above.
  • High salaries and job satisfaction. Annual salaries for a Six Sigma certified professional can go from $60,000 to well over $120,000 depending on their level of certification, experience, and skills.
  • Six Sigma’s application spreads to multiple fields in the industry. Apart from manufacturing, industries like finance, healthcare, supply chain, engineering, and construction make use of Six Sigma to improve their services. This gives you the flexibility to specialize in the field that you desire and like best thus the certification provides stability to your professional future.
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Six Sigma Certification

3 main bodies offer Six Sigma Certification. They are:

  • ASQ
  • CSSC

Each of the providers above has its unique features in exam structure, pricing of exams, mode of testing, training programs, requirements, retake policies, etc. Hence it's up to you to decide which one of them suits your needs best. Some of the bodies categorize this certification into Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma, although the content is identical in both, individuals working in the public sector or armed forces go for the Lean Six Sigma certification.

The Six Sigma certification program is classified into different levels according to the depth of knowledge in Six Sigma that's involved. Following are the certifications listed in increasing order of expertise:

  • Six Sigma White Belt
  • Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt

All of the above credentials have their requirements to attempt the exam and obtain the qualification. You can refer to the official website of the certification provider to gain detailed information about the experience and pre-requisites that are required for each credential.


Preparation options and tools

Your approach to preparing for the certification exams involved depends on several factors including the certification level, the path to certification, and mode of training. I will generalize these aspects to give you an idea of what preparation tools and methods you can use to get the best results.

  • Undergo an accredited training program. The training program you took to obtain qualification is as important as the certification itself. Since Six Sigma is a methodology, you must cover the fundaments extensively to build a strong foundation of Six Sigma skills that'll help you in the workplace. Your certification provider's official website lists a set of training providers that have been accredited which you can choose from.
  • If training programs are an added cost or if your time for preparation in restricted, you always have the option of self-studying. This way you get to study at your own pace at no additional cost whatsoever. Here, I strongly recommend that you use the free self-studying material available to you by your certification provider as they are up to date and include comprehensive information on Six Sigma.
  • PrepAway is a platform that contains a collection of verified exam questions for Six Sigma certification exams of all levels and all providers. PrepAway’s exam dumps come as files that can be simulated through the Vumingo Software to replicate the exam interface and structure. This will prepare you mentally for the exam and help enhance your performance.


Six Sigma is a tool used by large scale organizations across the world to ensure the quality of processing. Executives and team leaders seek out professionals that are skilled in Six Sigma to implement these strategies within their organization. Getting certified by an accredited body will put you amongst the top candidates and expose you to some of the highest paid jobs in the industry.



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