31 March 2020

TO LARA LARISSA - Poet of Juftazani



By: Juftazani



The yuriatin

moscow dark sky vanished

rumble tsar collapsing

ranks of demonstrators at the gate Tver

until the gate calluga

transformed points snow

The pages are dull your library

if you remember the bastard kologrivov

you want to regurgitate the contents of the gun back

but in yuriatin, hamlet

isolated snow

you want to be alone

raising katenka1

became a teacher in high school there



The varikino

when he took his family doctor Zhivago

overnight there

they have been saved

when the white soldiers loot

The quiet hamlet

doctor Zhivago has gone

wife and children trafficked in-law

to Moscow

but Zhivago stranded in yuriatin

here the doctor Zhivago formed habits wrong

fell into the arms of lara larissa

days Zhivago was on the train

get off at the train station moscow city

while running breath

then stabbed heart attack

lara larissa chased from yuriatin

find Zhivago

last breath:

truth is only sought by individuals

and they have decided relationships

with people who do not quite love

how many in this world

solid on loyalty

very few

I think people should be faithful

to immortality

which is another word for life

said that it is more robust to the eternal.





1). Katenka, Lara Larissa child, a female junior high, or off the new elementary school.


JAKARTA, 20-12-2005


Juftazani, born in Pekanbaru, 11-11-1960. Writing poetry since attending State PGA Pekanbaru 1974 - 1980. Then continue the tradition his authorship during college in Fak.Adab IAIN (NOW UIN)Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta from year 1981 to 1988. Many writings published various national and local media such as PR, Bandung, Bandung Post, Present Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta National News, bow Padang, Riau Pos Pekanbaru, Republika, Buana News, Media Indonesia etc. Derived from both parents adherents Tharekat Naqsyabandia. When he lived in Yogyakarta, he was interested in entering the Order Idrisiyah in Tasikmalaya and forwarded in Jakarta from 1988 until now. Was the head of the literary circle Nucleus, Shaheed UIN Jakarta from 2003 to 2005. Been a researcher (Center for the Study of Islam and the State (PSIK) Univ.Paramadina Jakarta.Then he became researcher at the Institute of Islamic Studies and Culture (LSIK) Jakarta. Ever also became editor of the newspaper "Online" RIMANEWS. Now working as an editor and poet.But now not at Rimanews, he work in Konfrontasi online media.




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